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The challenges of financing a start-up in today's geopolitical, business and financial environment

Friedland's Corner videos feature Jeffrey Friedland's opinions and commentaries.

Jeffrey Friedland is interviewed by Singapore-based Ross Swan, Director, FC Global Strategies.

Jeffrey Friedland is CEO of US- based FC Global Strategies.

FC Global assists companies globally in achieving their business and financial objectives.

FC Global Strategies' website.

FC Global Strategies' management.

Connect with us:

Jeffrey Friedland - Based in the US

(North America and Global)

+1 646 450 8909

Ross Swan - Based in Singapore

(Southeast Asia, Australia, Asia-Pacific)

+65 9181 9472

David Krutonog - Based in Israel

(Eastern Europe, Middle-East and North Africa)

+972 50 974 3429


Claudio Hebling - Based in Brazil

(Latin America)

+55 19 99377 7482

Vincent Paul Joseph - Based in India

(South Asia, India, Sri Lanka)

+91 962 620 9090


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