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"Strategy doesn't exist without tactics"
Jeffrey Friedland
Jeffrey Friedland headshot.jpg

Jeffrey Friedland,  CEO 

About FC Global

FC Global Strategies has a long history of enabling  privately-held and publicly-held businesses globally to achieve their business and financial objectives. 


Over the decades, FC Global Strategies and its principals have assisted hundreds of companies and projects in the United States, Spain, Morocco, Israel, Germany, China, Canada, Hong Kong, and Brazil with their business development, corporate finance strategies, and cross-border objectives.  ​

FC Global Strategies and its principals have also assisted dozens of companies with their going-public strategies, including stock market listings in the US, UK and Germany.  Some of these were underwritten initial public offerings (IPOs), others were reverse mergers or reverse takeovers (RTOs), while others were direct listings.


FC Global Strategies LLC, also sponsors industry-specific websites, each with a newsletter.


Friedland at a Canadian Grow Facility in 2015.jpg

jeffrey Friedland with lawyer Robert Hoban at a recording session for a video

Jeffrey  Friedland at a cannabis grow facility in Ontario, Canada.

FC Office in Beijing.JPG

Jeffrey Friedland at his office in Beijing in 2007.

Jeffrey Friedland at CannaTech event in Tel Aviv.JPG

jeffrey Friedland as a panelist at at an investment event in Tel Aviv

Jeffrey Friedland with Professor Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.j

Jeffrey Friedland with Professor Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Considered the godfather of cananbinoid reesearch, Mechoulam discovered the cannabinoid THC in the 1960s. 

Jeffrey Friedland with colleagues in China.JPG

Jeffrey Friedand celebrating the completion of an initial public offering in Beijing in 2008..

Photo Cowen Cannabis Colloquium.JPG

Jeffrey Friedland as a panelist at a Cowen & 'Co sponsored investment event in New York.

Jeffrey Friedland's book, All Roads Lead to China  -  available in print and Kindle editions at Amazon

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