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FC Global Strategies

Our Unique and Results-Oriented Approach

With a history going back many decades, we have developed a unique approach to enable client companies to achieve their business and financial objectives.  

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Key to Our Approach and Strategy

Over the decades we have established contacts in the business, investment and financial  communities globally.  

We continuously add to our contacts through our web-based strategies and AI-powered targeting.

Our approach is to quarter-back the overall approach for the client company on a hands-on basis.  

Whether your objective is obtaining financing, a strategic partner, breaking into a  new market for technology, products or services, we've been there and  done it.   

For Companies with Financing Objectives

Our expertise in assisting companies in achieving their financing objectives is a unique approach. It's based on our legacy going back to 1979 in achieving financing results for companies in the US and globally.

This expertise includes dozens of private placement, initial public offerings  and "going public" strategies in the US, in the UK, Canada, Frankfurt and Hong  Kong.  

For companies with cross-border objectives our ability to adapt to the local business culture and business environment is key. 


This includes our experience gained in part by having an office in Beijing for  ten years, up until the global financial crisis of 2008. Our presence in Beijing enabled Chinese companies to achieve their objectives, including financing and strategic relationships, in the US and Europe.   

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Jeffrey Friedland as a panelist at a Bloomberg sponsored event in London
Jeffrey Friedland as a panelist at an investment event in
Tel Aviv
Jeffrey Friedland, Kristina Wang  and a client at Friedland Capital's office in Beijing
Jeffrey Friedland, Kristina Wang, China-based colleagues and a  client at a celebration in Beijing after completion of a transaction.
A group presentation regarding financing strategies in the  US
Jeffrey Friedland, Edwin Li and clients outside the Frankfurt Stock Exchange after the "ringing of the bell" for an initial public offering.
Jeffrey Friedland as a panelist at a Cowen and Company event in New York
Jeffrey  Friedland and Kevin McGovern as panelists at a family office investor event in New York
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