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Our Process

FC Global Strategies is focused on enabling companies in the US and globally to achieve their business and financial goals.


While we customize our strategy based on a client company's specific objectives and location, our general process is outlined below.

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Strategy meeting

The more understand your company, its history, current operations and most importantly it's plans for the future, the better we can do not only in targeting interested parties, but also with the presentation of your company to them.

The bottom line, the more we're up-to-speed on your company, the better the job we can do.   

This includes one or more strategy sessions. The strategy meeting is typically scheduled as an online video call, but also can be held in person.


Review and/or creation of company materials and video interview(s)

Providing attention-generating information to interested parties is critical.

We provide recommendations regarding edits to  your website and current company materials or assist with the preparation of a "one-page" profile, PowerPoint or deck as needed.

We will also produce and distribute one or more InsiderTalks, TechTalks or MedTalks video interviews with company management.  

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A Recent TechTalks Video
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Outreach to existing contacts

With our decades of experience and databases, we contact people and companies who we have a relationship with and who we believe would be interested in your company's opportunity.  

We  also utilize a MedTalksInsiderTalks or TechTalks ten to fifteen minute video interview to generate additional interest in your company and to provide additional insight to interested parties. 


AI targeting 

We utilize our proprietary artificial Intelligence (AI) data mining to target additional parties based on specifics of your company, its industry or sector, desired location, and your business and financial objectives.

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Additional outreach and screening 

Our outreach to people and groups who have expressed preliminary interest,  consists of our answering questions and providing additional information.

This enables us to screen people and groups with the next objective being the arranging of calls with  company management.


Meetings between interested parties and company management

We will arrange video calls or in-person meetings with interested parties and company management.  

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Advising the company as desired  with negotiations and completion of a transaction

We will assist company management as desired with negotiating and completing a transaction.

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