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Friedlands Corner: Downward Pressure Is Impacting Venture Capital Valuations and the Size of Deals

Friedland's Corner Videos feature Jeffrey Friedland's commentaries and opinions.

Jeffrey Friedland is CEO of FC Global Strategies. Since 1979 FC Global has assisted companies globally in achieving their business and financial objectives.

FC Global Strategies has been described as "corporate finance strategists and implementers."

FC Global Strategies' Website:

FC Global's Management:

f your company has business or financial objectives, check out the advisory services for growing global technology companies provided by FC Global Strategies .

To speak with someone right away, please call:

Jeffrey Friedland - in the US

(North America, Latin America and Global)

+1 646 450 8909

Ross Swan - in Singapore

(Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific)

+65 91819472

David Krutonog - in Israel

(Eastern Europe, Middle-East and North Africa)

+972 50 974 3429

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