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Mercer Advisors acquires Transitions Wealth Management

Updated: Jan 26

  • Mercer Global Advisors, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is privately held, has 1,010 employees, and operates nationally through 80 locations across the country.

  • Mercer Advisors manages over $50 billion in client assets.

Mercer Global Advisors, Inc. ("Mercer Advisors"), a national Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), today announced the acquisition of Transitions Wealth Management, LLC (hereinafter "TWM"). TWM is a comprehensive wealth management firm located in Denver, Colorado. TWM was founded in 1999 by Bruce R. Bendell, CPA/PFS, and Gary P. Saltzman, CPA/PFS, among others. They were later joined by shareholders Michelle R. Sandt-Wade, CFP®, and Michael G. Simmons, CFP®, rounding out a highly qualified management team and deep bench of professionals serving over 400 clients with assets under management of approximately $465 million.

TWM was founded by a team of accountants and many of the principles they apply are rooted in a very practical CPA perspective. Their broad-based expertise in investments, law, tax, insurance, and retirement planning enables them to provide exceptional wealth management services. Beyond helping clients with investment and savings plans, TWM works closely with clients to reduce their tax burden, manage cash flow, optimize insurance coverage, review or establish estate planning, and help ensure charitable gifts have more impact. Their goal is to give clients financial independence by making sure no issue – regardless of how big or small – gets left to chance. By providing regular follow-up, opportunities to engage, and educational programs, TWM helps clients become highly knowledgeable about their finances so that they can make decisions with confidence and clarity.

Bruce Bendell, CPA/PFS, and Managing Partner stated: "We believe in providing holistic and comprehensive financial planning for our clients by addressing their financial needs. Our commitment to that high level service has fueled our rapid growth in Colorado and beyond. That said, and to take the next appropriate steps to expand and institutionalize our business, we knew we were at a crossroads of either building the infrastructure necessary to support further expansion, or, alternatively, joining a national firm that had already successfully crossed that Rubicon. After conducting an extensive search with our investment banker Advisor Growth Strategies, we found our right partner after meeting with David Barton, Vice Chairman who heads up mergers and acquisitions for Mercer Advisors, and other Mercer Advisors personnel. David Barton, founder of Mercer Advisors' in-house family office business model, said it best: 'Mercer Advisors seeks to provide a Mayo Clinic approach to financial care by having a panoply of different specialists working together under one-roof, as one team, in an effort to provide outsized results for our clients.' That is exactly our business model and level of care that we provide to our local clientele, but Mercer Advisors does it on a national level. The 'fit' couldn't be better and we are thrilled to be joining the Mercer Advisors team."

David Barton stated: "Bruce, Michelle Sandt-Wade, CFP®, and Michael Simmons, CFP®, have built a high-quality comprehensive wealth management firm with a great reputation driven by their high integrity, deep bench of talent, and their commitment to serving their clients with excellence. TWM stands out in a crowded RIA market. They are exactly the kind of people and business model we seek to partner with, making each of us better and stronger."

Dave Welling, Chief Executive Officer of Mercer Advisors, said, "TWM is a respected RIA, led by Bruce, Michelle and Gary, highly qualified professionals who are supported by a great team. Their addition boosts our strength in Colorado where we have multiple offices, dozens of advisors, and Denver is home to our national headquarters. We are thrilled they are joining the Mercer Advisors team. We look forward to working together to deliver meaningful results for our shared clients."

Mercer Advisors was recognized by Citywire as the fastest growing independent RIA in Colorado in its annual "50 Growers Across America" report in August 2023.

Advisor Growth Strategies, a management consulting and transaction advisory firm serving the RIA industry, served as Transition Wealth Management's transaction advisor.

About Mercer AdvisorsEstablished in 1985, Mercer Global Advisors Inc. ("Mercer Advisors") is a total wealth management and financial planning firm that provides comprehensive, fee-based investment management, financial planning, family office services, retirement benefits and distribution planning, estate and tax planning, insurance solutions, and corporate trustee and trust administration services. Mercer Advisors Inc. is a parent company of Mercer Global Advisors Inc. (RIA), and Regis Acquisitions, Inc. (RIA). Both are majority owned by Oak Hill Capital, Genstar Capital, and Altas Partners. Mercer Global Advisors, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is privately held, has 1,010 employees, and operates nationally through 80 locations across the country. Mercer Advisors manages over $50 billion in client assets.

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