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Singapore-based Ross Swan joins FC Global Strategies as Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

FC Global’s physical presence in Southeast Asia will position the company to continue to grow as Asia-Pacific economies grow

Ross Swan, FC Global StratManaging Director, Asia-Pacific FC Global Strategies (“FC Global”) today announced that Singapore-based Ross Swan has joined the company as Managing Director, Asia-Pacific. Mr. Swan’s business and professional experience includes positions as a leadership consultant with broad experience in varied industries globally. He has an extensive corporate finance and business advisory background, and extensive business and financial relationships throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region. Mr. Swan has broad experience in numerous industries, including financial services, energy, technology, life sciences and engineering. ​ His background includes State Manager of Queensland Operations at Royal and Sun Alliance Financial Services and various management positions with Scottish Amicable Life Insurance and National Australia Bank. ​ Mr. Swan has a Graduate Diploma - Business Education from the Queensland University of Technology and a Master of Science from the University of Leicester.

In commenting on his new role, Ross Swan stated, “Having lived in Australia and most recently Singapore for my entire life, I’ve been able to witness first-hand the dramatic economic growth that has ken place throughout the region. I’m looking forward to enabling companies and entrepreneurs throughout the Asia-Pacific region to take advantage of FC Global’s programs and services, which are designed to achieve business and financial objectives.” Jeffrey Friedland, CEO of FC Global Strategies also commented, “A major focus for FC Global Strategies is enabling companies and entrepreneurs to achieve not only their business and financial goals, but also their cross-border objectives. We’ve been active in the Asia-Pacific region for many decades. We’re now delighted to both having Ross Swan join our firm and our having a physical presence in the region.” About FC Global Strategies

US-based FC Global Strategies is focused on enabling companies globally to achieve their business and financial objectives, including cross-border objectives. FC Global’s services are customized based on a company’s goals and objectives. Typical client objectives include identifying appropriate investors or strategic partners; obtaining partners for research, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales or distribution; and generating exposure for new or existing products, technology or services. FC Global also sponsors three website-based strategies, each of which has its own “stand-alone” AI Connect Marketing Program. These AI Connect Marketing Programs combine the impact of video interviews with proprietary general and AI-targeted distribution. Medical and Pharma Insider - For biotech, medical, pharma, medical devices, healthcare, and healthcare IT companies. Emerging Technology Insider - For technology companies including software and applications, robotics, artificial intelligence and alternative energy companies. Business Connect Insider - For companies other than those covered by our Medical and Pharma and our Emerging Technology Insider, including e-commerce and business, financial and insurance services.

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FC Global Strategies also sponsors Emerging Technology Insider and its AI Connect Marketing Program. To publish your company’s news at Emerging Technology Insider go to Schedule a complimentary video call to discuss your company and its business and financial objectives. FC Global Strategies Contacts: Jeffrey Friedland, CEO Tel. +1 646 450 8909 Email Ross Swan, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Tel. +65 9181 9472 Email David Krutonog, Managing Director, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East Tel. +972 50 974 3429 Email


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