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Opportunity Spotlight

Featuring YOUR business or financial opportunity 
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Our Opportunity Spotlight Marketing Program enables select companies  to couple the impact of a 7 to  10 minute video interview with our proprietary distribution.

What makes our program unique is our combining the impact and credibility of the video with website, email, and social  media distribution.

Key  or our program is our email distribution to registered subscribers  at our websites and  newsletters:


Featured Opportunity Spotlight Video Interviews

For more information on a featured opportunity, contact the featured company directly.

Our Program Cost

Our basic program cost is US$950 per month including video recording, post production editing and distribution at the Opportunity Spotlight website and inclusion in its newsletter. 

There is a minimum program duration of three months, and thereafter month-to-month, and can be canceled anytime after the the initial three months. No credit card sign up is required.

Optional  additional distribution is available to our additional websites and newsletters: 

How Our Program Works

Step 1: We'll draft the video interview questions and provide them to you for your additions, deletions and corrections.

Step 2: We'll record your Opportunity Spotlight video interview over Google Meet.

Step 3: We'll provide the edited video interview to you for approval.

Step 4: We'll begin distribution:

Posting at our  website.

Posting selectively at social media, including appropriate LinkedIn groups.

Inclusion in our Opportunity Spotlight  newsletter

We include your contact information, which can include your email address, phone number and website link.  

Let's Have a Call!

 A call would be great so that we can discuss our Opportunity Spotlight program and answer any questions you may have.


The call will also provide us with the opportunity to understand your company its vision and objectives.

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