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MedTalks - An interview with Brian Frenzel, CEO of TOSK discussing the company's business and its investment opportunities

Tosk has developed and patented two important side-effect-blocking agents, TK-90 for mucositis and pulmonary fibrosis, and TK-39 for cardiotoxicity.

TK-90 has completed “proof of concept” in Phase 2a clinical studies demonstrating safety and efficacy in head and neck cancer patients and has applications outside of cancer.

A third lead compound, TK-88, has been discovered for chemotherapy nephrotoxicity side-effect-prevention.

Sponsored by NIH SBIR grants, Tosk has also identified oncogenic KRAS-inhibiting drug candidates. These are being developed to treat KRAS-positive malignancies, including 90% of pancreatic, 45% of colon, and 35% of lung cancers.

Tosk is raising a mezzanine round of private investment to:

For TK-90:

Initiate Phase 2b/3 registration studies in cancer patients for cancer therapy side effect prevention

Broaden clinical indications in cancer and fibrotic diseases

Develop an oral formulation for home use

File an IND and initiate clinical studies for TK-39 for cardiotoxicity side effect prevention

Advance our research programs for KRAS gene activity blocking and nephrotoxicity side effect prevention

Tosk is also looking for regional pharmaceutical company partnerships outside the US to co-develop and market TK-90.

Over $20 million has been raised and obtained from grants.

Company Contact:

Brian Frenzel, CEO

TOSK, Inc.

Tel. +1 415 308 2820



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