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Since 1979 we've focused on enabling companies to achieve their business and financial objectives.  

With our decades of corporate finance, investment banking,  and financial and business marketing, including video marketing, we can best be thought of as "corporate finance and marketing strategists and implementers."

While US-based, one of our specialties is assisting companies, located both in the US and globally that have cross-border objectives. We've assisted companies and projects in the UK, Germany, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Indonesia Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Canada. 

Jeffrey Friedland, CEO of FC Global Strategies, discusses the benefits of cross-border transactions, including strategic relationships for research and development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, as well as strategic financial relationships.

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FC Global Strategies

  • Advisory services to achieve business and financial objectives.

  • Artificial Intelligence enabled marketing programs and strategies combining the impact of video interviews with online, email, social media, digital and online distribution.


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Strategic Advisory Services


FC Global Strategies' provides advisory services to companies in various stages of development, from start-up and early-stage companies, fast-growing companies, middle-market companies, and subsidiaries of major corporations.  

FC Global Strategies' services are focused on services and programs designed to enable companies to achieve their business and financial objectives and include:

  • Development of business and operational plans

  • Development and implementation of growth strategies.

  • Development of corporate finance and financing strategies.

  • Preparing a company and its management for capital raising, a merger, or acquisition.

  • Development and implementationof cross-border strategies for financing, strategic relationships, and business relationships.

While FC Global Strategies has assisted companies in dozens of industries and sectors, we have a specific focus on technology, medical, biopharma, pharma,biotech,healthcare, service businesses, and brick and mortar and ecommerce retailers. 

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Marketing Services
AND Programs

FC AI Connect sponsors two results-oriented marketing programs.

Our AI Connect Marketing Program combines the impact of video interviews coupled with distribution online, by email and digital, social and online targeting utilizing our AI Connect, proprietary artificial intelligence-driven targeting technology. 


Our QuikConnect Marketing Program provides online, email, and artificial intelligence targeting with social media and digital distribution. Our QuickConnect Marketing Program provides distribution for:

  • Company news and news releases

  • Research reports

  • Information on products, technology or services, including product launches