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Since 1979 we've assisted growing companies globally in achieving  their business and financial objectives.  

With our decades of corporate finance, investment banking, financial and business marketing, transaction, we can best be thought of as "corporate finance and business strategists and implementers."

While US-based, one of our specialties is assisting companies, located both in the US and globally with their cross-border objectives.


In addition to the US and Canada, we've assisted companies and projects in the UK, Germany, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Brazil, China,  Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka.

Typical Company Objectives

  • General exposure, including to potential customers for current or new products, services, technology, or research and development activities.

  • Exposure for licensing of technology, products or services.


  • Exposure to venture capital, private equity, family office, angel and strategic investors.

  • Stock market listings, initial public offerings (IPOs) in  the US,  UK, Germany,  Hong  Kong  and  Singapore and depositary receipt programs (DRs)

  • Obtaining strategic or financial partners for research, development, marketing or distribution.

  • Generating exposure for company news, including using a video interview to further explain recent company news and developments, and to explain the implication of the news on the company's future.

Our Websites and Newsletters 

A recent TechTalks VIdeo

AI  Connect Marketing Program

In addition to its advisory services, FC Global also sponsors its AI Connect Marketing Program.

The Program enables companies of all sizes to couple the impact of a short, 5 to 7 minute, InsiderTalks Video interview with our proprietary distribution.

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