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TechNews: Start-up Odyssey raises $10 million to expand its scalable platform to enable states to seamlessly operate school choice programs

  • Award-winning technology platform makes high-quality education more accessible

  • To date, Odyssey's technology has helped more than 140,000 students access over $400 million in state funding.

Odyssey, a mission-driven tech startup providing the most advanced school choice platform available, today announced it secured $10 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Bradley Tusk of Tusk Venture Partners with additional investment from leaders in the emerging tech, government, and education spaces such as return investors Katherine Boyle of Andreessen Horowitz and Ben Ling of Bling Capital, and new investors such as Ben Kohlmann of Cubit Capital.

"Odyssey's robust and scalable technology platform allows states to seamlessly operate school choice programs, making a high-quality education possible for families that wouldn't otherwise have access," said Odyssey Founder and CEO, Joseph Connor. "As a former teacher, I know that learning isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, yet many parents lack access to customized choices that will give their children the best chance to succeed. School choice is rapidly growing across the country, and this funding will allow us to continue our work in enabling education access by expanding our end-to-end solution across every state."

The investment includes a board seat for venture capitalist, philanthropist, and CEO of Tusk Venture Partners, Bradley Tusk.

"This is a great chance to get in on the ground floor of a growing ecosystem with huge potential for impact," said Tusk. "Every child, no matter where they're from, should have the tools to succeed. Using technology for fair education access can transform communities for generations."

As the most technologically advanced school choice platform available, Odyssey provides secure end-to-end public fund disbursement and customized marketplace solutions for program administration that make educational offerings like school tuition, tutoring, technology, and extracurricular enrichment easily accessible. With proprietary identity verification technology, best-in-class data protection, and streamlined order fulfillment capabilities, Odyssey's agile technology offers a state funding approval process that takes as little as one second and provides real-time access and robust support to parents, vendors, schools, and state agencies.

Odyssey has helped more than 140,000 students access $400 million in state funding across Idaho, Iowa, and Missouri, maintaining the highest standard of fraud prevention across all programs. The funds from the Series A round will be utilized in developing robust talent pipelines that will allow the company to continue to scale its support team and deploy its technology on pace with the educational needs and requirements of each state.

About Odyssey:

Odyssey is a mission-driven tech startup that collaborates with state agencies to help families access high-quality education for their children. Odyssey works directly with states, vendors, and parents to support school choice programs, including education savings accounts (ESAs), by disbursing state-approved funding for tuition expenses, tutors, technology, software, curriculum, and more. To date, Odyssey's technology has helped more than 140,000 students access over $400 million in state funding.

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