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FC Global Strategies'

Current and Recent Projects and Companies

Since 1979,  FC Global Strategies and its principals have assisted hundreds  of companies with their objectives.  The services provided have evolved over the years as the world's business and financial  environment has evolved.

While we have assisted and have expertise in numerous industries and sectors our major focus is with companies in:

  • Technology sectors, from AI, to telecom to SaaS

  • Medical, pharma,healthcare, healthcare IT and medical devices

  • Financial, insurance  and business services

FC Global's services have also evolved, from a strong background and  legacy in financial  services to include assisting  companies with their  business  objectives as well,  from licensing of products, services and technology,  

Southeast Asian-Based Sailboat Manufacturing and Charter Operation

FC Global has assisted this company with  valuation, structuring a financing and  identifying financing sources.

As of late-May,  2023 three directions are financing directions are underway, each for US$7 million of equity.

Human Resources and Professional Employer Organization 

On  an ongoing basis, commencing in  2021, FC Global  has assisted this company  in identifying  potential  clients using  FC Global's proprietary databases as well as AI-driven targeting.

HK Aerospace.jpeg

 Asian-Based Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Company

FC Global has  provided strategic services  that has  resulted in the publicly-listed company  establishing  an American Depositary Receipt  (ADR) facility  in  the  US so that  the company's securities could  be publicly-traded in the US,  denominated in US dollars.

Assistance was also provided  regarding potentila financing  directions for the establishment of a  satellite launch  facility in the Indian Ocean  and  a satellite manufacturing and control facility  in  the Persian Gulf.

pbio machine.jpeg

US-based and Publicly-Listed Technology Company with Numerous Applications for its Proprietary Technology and IP

Since 2200 FC Global has assisted this company with its corporate finance and awareness of objectives, including identifying and connecting with potential investors.

captive insurance.jpeg

US-Based Insurance Services Firm Providing Captive  Insurance  Services to SMEs and Middle-Market Companies

Since 2021 FC Global has assisted this company with exposure  to  appropriate potential clients for  its offshore insurance services.

food court.jpeg

 Asian-Based Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Company

FC Global Strategies continues to advise this company,  who has over 90 restaurants to obtain a financing commitment with  the  establishment for a Level III ADR program underwritten financing.

Also, FC Global has assisted the company with a plan for establishing a  franchise program for expansion into the  US  market.

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