Services for Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Businesses

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Cannabis, Hemp & CBD Businesses

In the United States, it's not a question of whether federal legalization of cannabis will happen, it's just a question of when. Most importantly, as the saying goes, the "devil is in the details."

FC Global's team is experienced as owners and operators of cannabis and hemp businesses in the US, Canada, and Israel. 


Services for US Cannabis Businesses


Whether you are trying to develop and implement a growth strategy for an existing cultivator, infused product manufacturer, or dispensary or retail store, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you increase profitability or decrease losses. 


FC can also assist with strategic planning, whether the objective is to become publicly=-traded, expand operations, or prepare for being acquired.  

Services for Hemp and CBD Businesses

In the United States, Canada, and globally, the hemp and CBD industries are now the world's fastest-growing legal industries.  

Whether you're seeking to enter the industry, need to develop a strategic plan,  branding, marketing, and sales strategy, FC can assist in providing a fresh look at your business direction.

Services for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Businesses in the US and Globally

While the United States and Canada have been in the forefront of the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries, these industries are now global opportunities.

Whether you're seeking to expand in a different country, through a strategic relationship, acquisition or starting a new business, GCS has global experience going back to 1987. 

While there may be limits to opportunities in the US and Canada due to market saturation or barriers to entry, opportunities exist in many other countries to bring the "North American Experience" to new industries.