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Cannabis, Hemp & CBD

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FC Global and its principals have been active in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries since 2013.

Past Cannabis Hemp & CBD Activities and Engagements Include:  

  • Ownership of two cannabis retail stores and a grow facility in Colorado

  • Establishment of an extraction equipment leasing program in California.

  • Founder of an Israeli company focused on plant genetics

  • Participant in three Canadian start-ups that intended to become licensed cannabis producers. All three became licensed and also publicly-traded

  • Growing of hemp in Colorado

  • Development of a CBD company with multiple niche-market brands

  • Assistance to a major CBD wholesaler with operating procedures, evaluation of management responsibilities, and marketing and sales strategies

  • Development of a business strategy, including a public stock market listing for a cannabinoid pharmaceutical development company

  • Development of a corporate strategy for a CBD products company resulting in the company being acquired by a Canadian company.

Some services were and are provided by FC Global through Phyto Intel LLC and Growth Advisory Group LLC.