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Treating Narcolepsy with Once Nightly Controlled-Release Sodium Oxybate

An Empowered Patient Podcastat Medical and Pharma Insider hosted by Karen Jagoda In this Empowered Patient Podcast, Dr. Jennifer Gudeman, Vice President, Medical and Clinical Affairs at Avadel Pharmaceuticals discusses the clinical development of their lead investigational product FT218 to treat the rare disease narcolepsy. FT218 optimizes the drug delivery release of sodium oxybate and with Avadel's proprietary controlled-release technology allows for a single bedtime dose.

While the FDA nearly 20 years ago approved sodium oxybate to treat cataplexy and excessive daytime sleepiness, the drug was an immediate-release medication requiring a middle-of-the-night dose. After a successful Phase 3 clinical trial, Avadel's ongoing open-label study, RESTORE, is providing evidence that points to more restorative sleep across a broad audience.

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