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Podcast: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Rate of Screening for Cancer

Dr. Harvey Kaufman is the Senior Medical Director at Quest Diagnostics and has recently published a study on cancer diagnoses during the pandemic. Data points to a significant impact of COVID-19 on the rate of cancer screenings and the need to better identify those most at risk for a wide range of cancers.

Harvey explains, "There's a couple of things that we can do differently. One is we learned through the pandemic, the power of telemedicine, that we can do a lot of things through Zoom, and even without the visual, we can do the audio portion and engage people in questionnaires and asking about their health and such."

"We can't do certain things remotely like a mammogram or a colonoscopy or biopsies and other procedures, but there are things that we can do. We can try to identify people who are at higher risk and prioritize them over other individuals. If we don't re-engage in healthcare, there will be more and more people who will present at more advanced stages, require more aggressive therapy, and have a higher rate of death."

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