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Podcast: Remote Patient Monitoring and Virtual Visits Driving Reduction in Hospital Readmissions

Eric Rock is the Founder and CEO of Vivify Health and a pioneer in the application of remote patient monitoring, consumer electronics, and biometric devices combined with virtual visits to connect patients and providers outside the hospital setting.

Eric explains, "Fortunately, Vivify, from our beginning days, created a solution that encompassed a connected tablet with a very unique and simple experience that spoke to the patient and connected to the provider. It made it incredibly simple regardless of your age. With an average age of 77 across our customer base, where that product was applied to, we knew this market well. And many were entering the market saying,

"Okay, well, I can just give them an app to download." Well, that's a very quick failure in that population."

"So, understanding the complexities of distributing devices to patients that we're all responsible for and even getting those devices returned in most cases is a big part of the services and value that Vivify brings to the table. So it is a very simple solution for seniors with all of that backend technology support logistics, and an incredible experience for the provider as well. It's simple for everybody involved as it would be for an in-person visit, while at the same time we manage all of that technology headache. And we've done that very well for over a decade."

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An Empowered Patient Podcast at Medical and Pharma Insider hosted by Karen Jagoda

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