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Podcast: Reducing Preventable Maternal and Newborn Mortality

"I have been a fetal monitoring geek for my entire life in labor and delivery..."

An Empowered Patient Podcast at Medical and Pharma Insider hosted by Karen Jagoda

Alana McGolrick DNP is the Chief Nursing Officer at PeriGen and f siocused on reducing preventable maternal and newborn deaths using technology and AI to support labor and delivery activities. The PeriWatch Vigilance platform removes bias and provides objective assessment to those clinicians and physicians monitoring the physiological changes in patients and their fetuses. Alana explains, "I have been a fetal monitoring geek for my entire life in labor and delivery. I've always been fascinated with the labor and delivery process. When we do monitor our patients, we put these monitors on the patient's abdomen, so on their pregnant belly, and we're looking at uterine contractions, we're looking at the fetal heart rate. Then we're also monitoring mom's vital signs and how she's progressing in labor." "There's a number of different factors that we analyze while we're in the intrapartum stage, labor, and delivery, watching how our patient is progressing. One of our patients happens to be invisible, right? We only have the fetal heart rate as a sign of wellbeing or some sort of duress. They can go in the exact opposite direction for us."

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Podcast Transcript

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