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Podcast: Redefining the Clinical Trial Process for Patients, Researchers and Sponsors

A conversation between Karen Jagoda of Empowered Patient Podcasts and Matt Walz, the CEO of Trialbee.

Trialbee is empowering patients through a more inclusive trial process. The Trialbee Honey product provides three user experiences on top of one common data architecture linking the patient, the test sites, and the sponsors providing real-time information about enrollment and how a study is performing. The Trialbee Hive product uses real-world data to model outreach to a hyper-targeted audience.

Matt explains, "In terms of remote participation for studies, COVID brought to light the fact that there are tools and methods that have been available to allow patients to participate more and collect data more during clinical research without having to have frequent visits to a site. Not in all cases, but in a number of cases. And that also accelerated timelines to get to the point where you can seek a regulatory authority approval."

"One of the things we've done in some of our studies, and this really comes down to how you do outreach for recruitment, is we've started to look at rare diseases that have unique symptoms. And so Pompe disease, for example, has a set of rather unique characteristics. We recently recruited for Pompe disease where rather than just look for patients or try to recruit patients that have already been diagnosed but to actually do outreach based on the symptoms."

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Podcast Transcript

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