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Podcast: Rapid Acting Treatment for Acute Cannabinoid Intoxication

A conversation between Karen Jagoda of Empowered Patient Podcasts and Dr. Daniel Schneeberger, the CEO of Anebulo Pharmaceuticals

Anebulo Pharmaceuticals is determined to find an antidote to acute cannabinoid intoxication, a growing problem for people of all ages as well as emergency rooms around the country. Daniel says, "THC acts mostly in the brain, it crosses the blood-brain barrier and binds to the CB1 receptor, and it activates that CB1 receptor. Our drug also goes to the brain and binds to the same receptor, much more tightly, up to 100x more tightly, and blocks it so that THC has no chance to act on that receptor anymore. One of the most important properties of our drug, too, is rapid absorption with oral dosing. So we feel very good about the drug candidate." "These drugs, CB1 antagonists, were originally developed for weight loss in the treatment of diabetes back around 2007, 2008. They were never approved by the FDA because with chronic dosing, there was an increased frequency of depression, it was 9%, it was 5% with placebo. Back then, the FDA was very concerned that chronic dosing in such a large patient population might potentially be unsafe. For our drug, it's a one-time dose, and those mood effects only showed up with chronic dosing."

Listen to the podcast here Download the transcript here

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