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Podcast: Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Driving Personalized Care

Bronwyn Spira, the CEO of Force Therapeutics is joined in a conversation with Karen Jagoda of Empowered Patient Podcasts.

Force Therapeutics is supplying tools to manage procedure-based care. CMS created CMMI, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to evaluate new alternate payment models and service delivery models that were designed to reward high-value, high-quality care while also reducing payments. They would reduce the payments to clinicians who were not meeting the performance standards but preferentially reimburse high-quality and high-value providers. And these were called alternate payment models or APMs.

Bronwyn explains, "And this has changed provided behavior in a big way because before these APMS were implemented, a lot of providers actually didn't even have organized ways to collect or report quality measures, patient-reported outcomes. Some of them were using pieces of paper or mailing them to patients' homes and then spending a lot of money on nurses or medical assistants who would then have to input the data into some kind of a system."

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