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Podcast: Natural Language Processing in Drug Development and Healthcare

An Empowered Patient Podcast at Medical and Pharma Insider hosted by Karen Jagoda

Dr. Elizabeth Marshall is the Director of Clinical Analytics at Linguamatics an IQVIA company. She is responsible for clinical oversight of all healthcare projects with a focus on the application of Natural Language Processing in drug development and healthcare. NLP is a type of artificial intelligence that is concerned with the interaction between computers and human language with an ability to find linguistic patterns in unstructured data.

Liz says, "I commonly work with teams of people that don't always understand the subject matter. There was one time when I was told certain corpora of patients' data had no mention of pain, which as a physician immediately made me suspicious, and a red flag."

"So I dug a little deeper into the data and found the data came from rheumatology. So I knew there had to be some abbreviation or something. Something was missing. For some reason, this group decided to abbreviate pain as PX, which is not a common way of abbreviating it. So, we changed the algorithm, and as you can imagine, the pain was everywhere in the records."

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