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Podcast: Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Device Provides Real-Time Monitoring with Three Channels of Data

A conversation between Karen Jagoda of Empowered Patient Podcasts and Dr. Waqaas Al-Siddiq, the Founder and CEO of Biotricity.

Biotricity is a leader in the development of mobile cardiac telemetry, MCT, devices to provide real-time, continuous monitoring of at-risk patients.

Waqaas explains, "One of the core areas that we strongly focus on is long-term data collection in this real-time intelligent monitoring. When you talk about our core product, which is Bioflux, which is used for diagnostics, we are talking about a device that has built-in algorithms, that's FDA cleared, as well as the algorithms to collect data from a patient, determine if there is an emergency or an anomaly, and then alert somebody for emergency response.

"Most importantly, we have three channels of data. Three channels of data means that we have three different views of the heart. What that does is that it creates more data. More data means better accuracy and a better diagnosis. The standard in the MCT space is actually two channels. With three contact points, two channels. To get three contact points, you need five access points. That's what everybody else is doing in the industry. But then patients don't like five connectivity points. These devices are just more cumbersome to wear. What we did at Biotricity, which is incredibly unique, is to create a three channel, three contact point system, which is proprietary to us. This leads to better algorithms and better analytics."

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