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Podcast: Medtronic Diabetes: Smart Insulin Pens Help Patients Forget They Have Diabetes

An Empowered Patient Podcast at Medical and Pharma Insider hosted by Karen Jagoda

Ali Dianaty, the Vice President of Product Innovation at Medtronic Diabetes reflects on the explosion of developments for treating diabetes that has allowed patients to manage their diabetes in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Ali explains, "We also make smart insulin pens, which allow people to do a better job of dosing their insulin. Of course, one of the big fears is that insulin can be a very dangerous drug. Think of it as if you give yourself too much, you can put yourself into harm's way. If you don't give yourself enough, it's the same thing. So, dosing that properly is super important."

"We offer pumps that help do that more automatically, as well, in terms of dosing that insulin. And then, we also offer continuous glucose monitors that measure how much glucose is in someone's body. Then ultimately, we bring all of that together into some sophisticated algorithms as a system to automatically dose people's insulin. So again, with the premise of forgetting their disease. All of these things are intended to try to minimize the work going into managing diabetes, and quite frankly, to make things easier for them."

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