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Podcast: Facilitating On-Demand Outpatient Physical Therapy at Home

Listen to Karen Jagoda of Empowered Patient Podcasts in a conversation with Palak Shah, a physical therapist and co-fonder of Luna at Medical and Pharma Insider.

Palak Shah is a physical therapist and Co-Founder of Luna who is attacking the problem of providing physical therapy to the growing population of patients with the need to receive in-person care by a physical therapist.

Palak explains, "What is super different about Luna is that we're not a home health agency. We're bringing out physical therapy to patient homes for all our patients in 19 states and 32 metro markets today. Having about 1,200 therapists on the platform now throughout the country, bringing technology and high-quality care from the therapists, is Luna's superpower. The vision here is what we're trying to bring with technology and these amazing quality therapists is to reimagine the physical therapy experience."

"All of Luna's therapists are moonlighting with Luna, more than 95% and hence the name Luna. So they are working at outpatient clinics today that are in our community, but also have this amazing opportunity to participate with an organization like Luna that allows them supplemental income."

Listen to the Podcast

Podcast Transcript

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