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Podcast: Developing Inhibitor Drugs for Use with Antibiotics to Combat Antimicrobial Drug Resistance

Listen to a conversation between Karen Jagoda of Empowered Patient Podcasts and Dr. Mike Dudley, President and CEO of QpexBiopharma.

QpexBiopharma is seeing drug-resistant infections occurring inside the hospital as well as outside the hospital. Qpex is developing IV and oral drugs that are designed to overcome resistance mechanisms in bacteria that render penicillin-like drugs inactive.

Mike explains, "We deliver our drug in combination with existing antibiotics that have already been proven safe and effective as first-line therapies but have lost their usefulness due to resistant bacteria. And we want to be able to give them via vein for the sickest patients who can't take oral drugs. But also we want to be delivering them using an oral formulation in our product so they can be taken orally."

"We call the IV product OMNIvance, which provides that coverage for very, very sick patients. And then an oral product, which we call ORAvance that can be then delivered orally, and it can be useful for stepping down hospitalized patients or even treating infections in the community setting where you don't have to go to the hospital and can remain at home."

Listen to the Podcast

Podcast Transcript

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