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Podcast: Building on momentum to develop Alzheimer’s treatments and vaccines

Hideki Garren MD Ph.D. is the Chief Medical Officer at Prothena. The company has mission to advance the pipeline of candidates for neurodegenerative and protein amyloid diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. We talk about the recent FDA approval of aducanumab and its impact on research.

Hideki says, "As we've shown at the AAIC, the Alzheimer's Association International Conference last week in Denver, we highlighted two out of three of our Alzheimer's disease potential treatments. One of them is PRX012, which is our anti-Aβ antibody. The second one that we showed there was a dual, Aβ-tau vaccine. And then thirdly, we have an anti-tau antibody, which is being developed. It was not shown at the AAIC, but we're also developing that. So these three molecules we're developing for Alzheimer's disease. And this momentum has really applied to us as well."

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Podcast Transcript

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