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Podcast: Applications for Implanted Brain Computer Interfaces

An Empowered Patient Podcastat Medical and Pharma Insider hosted by Karen Jagoda

Professor Florian Solzbacher is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Blackrock Neurotech and is focused on expanding the options, understanding, and marketing of brain computer interfaces and neuro devices.

I asked Florian about their new project underway with Northwestern University and DARPA called the NTRAIN Project. He said, "The key driving force behind that project is to try and help counter the effects of jet lag and dysfunctions in the circadian rhythm. All those of us who have been traveling internationally a lot will know that it usually takes you a few days to adjust your inner clock to a different time zone that you're in."

"What has been shown in initial research is that there are ways to help adjust the internal clock by essentially generating some of those same peptides that regulate our circadian rhythm. Then releasing them into the bloodstream on demand essentially sends clear clock signals through the body that allow you to adjust faster than you normally would."

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