Empowered Patient Podcast: Blood Purification Device Removes Inflammatory Cytokines

Jim Joyce is the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Sigyn Therapeutics, and we talk about removing inflammatory targets from the bloodstream with advanced blood purification technology. Jim says, "The next transformative step in the recipe of blood purification is the advancement of devices that can address the sources of inflammation, which could be a viral or a bacterial source, in concert with the depletion of inflammatory cytokines and other modulators from the bloodstream." "You need the ability to quickly modulate down these inflammatory cytokines, but you also need to be able to address the source of inflammation. The source of inflammation continues to stimulate the immune response. The source of inflammation in COVID-19 is obviously the viral pathogen itself and related bacterial infections. We're very focused on looking at bacterial toxins as well." Listen to the podcast Download the podcast transcript