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Empowered Patient Podcast: Advocating for Awareness of Medical PTSD with Emily Parks of POP!

An Empowered Patient Podcast at Medical and Pharma Insider hosted by Karen Jagoda

Emily Parks is a behavioral and patient advocate and the Founder of POP! --Pissed Off Patients-- with a mission to educate healthcare professionals and patients about medical PTSD. Born with a rare intestinal illness called Myopathic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, her own medical journey has led to awareness about medical PTSD and the drive to pursue a Ph.D. in medical trauma and become a patient advocate.

Emily says, "I find as an adult, a lot of the trauma that I've received in the healthcare system and interacting with the healthcare system has impacted me in how I socialize with both providers and non-providers as much as friends."

"Socially, it's impacted my thinking style. It's impacted my ability to trust and connect with others. And so that is what POP! is about. What is Medical PTSD, and how does it manifest in you? What are some coping mechanisms?"

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