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Care Navigators are Key to Improving Outcomes and Reducing Costs Throughout the Healthcare Journey

An Empowered Patient Podcast at Medical and Pharma Insider hosted by Karen Jagoda. A conversation between Karen Jagoda and Dr. Kishlay Anand, founder and president of Apricus Health.

Dr. Kishlay Anand is a practicing cardiologist and Founder and President of Apricus Health, a healthcare provider with a focus on having a dedicated care navigator work with patients to help them on their healthcare journey. This includes coordinating appointments with primary care physicians, specialists, remote monitoring, medication refills, updates on community resources and education about chronic conditions. Not only does this benefit patients but also doctors as it reduces paperwork and allows them to focus on transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based care.

Apricus is developing digital health technology tailored to the unique challenges seniors and those with chronic conditions face. Of particular interest is the senior patient population which due to COVID-19 has had a chance to experience virtual doctor visits and telehealth interactions which have proven to be very popular.

Listen to the podcast here Download the podcast transcript here

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