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Strategic Services

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Whether your company is a pre-clinical company, a company in the midst or trials,  a major focus for FC Global Strategies is enabling pharmaceutical and biotech companies to achieve their business or financial goals. 


Our success for clients is based on numerous factors, including our decades of hands-on experience with the industry and its companies coupled with our understanding of the industry's challenges as well as challenges of individual businesses.

Our ability to identify and connect with appropriate parties, whether a private or venture capital investor, a strategic investor, a sector-specific distributor or marketing organization is key.

When beneficial, we can utilize our FC Analytics technology for targeting, as well as our Medical and Pharma Insider AI Connect Marketing Program to get the message out and to the right audience in an impacful manner. 

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Typical Client Objectives 

  • Strategic partners for research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution.

  • Access to private equity, venture capital, strategic and family office investors.

  • Obtaining distributors, marketing firms and sales organizations.

Cross-Border Objectives

Many thought that globalization would be on a major decline as the world hopefully exits the COVID pandemic, but this is definitely not the case. 

While many countries are seeking to develop local critical business infrastructure, globalization is definitely not dead.  If anything, the supply chain bottlenecks during COVID have led many companies and healthcare facilities to have more than one supplier of a product or technology, instead of relying on a single source of supply.

Our decades of experience includes transactions or projects in numerous countries, including, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Morocco, Hong Kong, China and Brazil.

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