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Empowered Patient
At Medical and Pharma Insider
Hosted by Karen Jagoda
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Karen Jagoda

Now in its 7th year Empowered Patient Podcasts highlight a wide variety of C-level guests to talk about advancements in applied genetics, medical devices, immunotherapy, neuroscience, regenerative medicine, CNS, oncology, GI, addiction, rare diseases, patient advocacy, population health, COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, AI-enabled health solutions, digital health, precision medicine, and investment trends in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals.  

Empowered Patient podcasts' international audience includes investors, healthcare professionals, drug developers, wireless and mobile health solution providers, medical device experts, rare disease pioneers, medical researchers, digital health entrepreneurs, patient advocates, critical care providers, non-profit organizations, journalists, academics, and public relations and marketing experts in the life sciences.   


Medical and Pharma Insider

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