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Your source for news and business and financial opportunities


  • CannaTalks video conversations with management of technology companies who have business or financial objectives 

  • CannaNews featuring news on transactions, financings, strategic relationships, products, services and technology

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CannaTalks Videos

Featuring business and financial opportunities 


News and information on products, services and technology

Cannabis and Hemp Insider features CannaTalks videos, conversations with entrepreneurs and management of cannabis,  hemp, and CBD companies and businesses interested in connecting with management of industry companies.  


Watch the CannaTalks videos for conversations with company management and hear them discuss their:

  • Current operations

  • Plans for the future

  • Business and financial objectives 


Their business and financial objectives could be business or financial opportunities for you!

Cannabis and Hemp Insider, featuring videos, news and information on: 

  • Transactions and financings

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Strategic relationships

  • Information on products, services or technology, including product launches

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